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God-AI Machines replace religion

Every week, we bring you the biggest IoT and Tech news from Asia and around the world.

This week, people are debating whether AI could spark a new religious movement, and Google pledges $1B into training people for the future job market.

God will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence as New Religion emerges –

Google Unveils Job Training Initiative With $1 Billion Pledge –

Smart Things:

The ‘internet of things’: what it is and why business is taking it seriously –

Samsung taps the Internet of Things to find your lost stuff –

Internet of Things: Giant Network of Clever ‘Talking’ Devices Becomes a Reality –

Over 60 Million People In The U.S. Will Use Voice-Enabled Assistants On A Monthly Basis This Year –


Exploring Virtual Reality for Empathy Training –

Why Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be important for Your Business –

Portland augmented and virtual reality startup Torch 3D raises $3.5 million –

Oculus Chief Scientist Speaks about Virtual Reality in the Lab and on Your Face –

AI and Robotics:

Who’s Afraid Of AI? Senior Creatives, Mostly –

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition for Chatbots: A Primer –

Humanizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Deep Learning –

Office Of The Future: Artificial Intelligence Powered By Trust –

Artificial Intelligence on your mobile: Does it really deserve the hype? –

AI Software will be helping the Los Angeles Police –

AI can revolutionize HR, but deploy with care –

How Close Are We To Creating Artificial Intelligence Robots Like Those In Movies? Experts Weigh In –

Virtual Reality Powered Robot Tele-Operation –

No Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Here: Behold A U.S. Vs. Japan Giant Robot Duel –


How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats –

How to secure your IoT devices from botnets and other threats –

Deloitte hack hit server containing emails from across US government –

Hackers can hack your kid’s smartwatch and track their location –

Google and Apple yet to fix Wi-Fi hole in a billion devices –

What Would It Look Like If We Put Warnings on IoT Devices Like We Do Cigarette Packets? –

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