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What Does This Renowned Urban Strategist Think of Smart Cities?

  Smart Cities have been gaining a lot of traction of late, though not an entirely new concept, much of smart cities initiatives have been driven by an explosion of technological innovations. We’ll spare you the whole spiel of how

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Brookings: Singapore is The Safest City

Brookings Institution has released a new report ranking global cities in terms of their public safety innovations at Huawei Asia Pacific Innovation Day 2017 validating the Singapore Safe City Initiative that was launched in 2014.  The report examines the ways digital

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IOT South East Asia: How Governments Are Pushing IoT Development

In 2016, countries in Southeast Asia began significantly exploring the potential of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). While most have just started with the technology or tested out components, countries such as Singapore have taken a leading position, setting up dedicated innovation

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